Internal Medicine

Foundations and therapeutic concept

Matthias Girke

Internal Medicine from an anthroposophic view — the standard work for clinic, practice and study in the second, revised and extended edition. In his book, Matthias Girke elaborates upon the holistic approach to anthroposophic medicine, i.e. seeing the patient as a whole. He strongly encourages a precept in which body, mind and spirit are equally examined.

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Matthias Girke comprehensively explains all the important sub-disciplines of internal medicine from the viewpoint of a holistic human understanding of Anthroposophic Medicine. Whether pulmonology or gastroenterology, oncology or diabetology — each topic is systematically and practically explored. The textbook serves as a fundamental guide to the anthroposophic science of man, disease and pharmacology. Therefore, it is very suitable as an introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine. Even physicians, who are already familiar with the treatment concepts, can complement their knowledge purposefully.


"I would like to take this opportunity to comment on this remarkable textbook. When I first leafed through the original German edition, the fact that nearly every topic was membered according to the anthroposophic three-and four-foldedness seemed artificial. Later, when teaching in Europe, South America, China and Taiwan I suddenly found this book to be an invaluable source of inspiration, both on how to convey a really holistic picture of what we are as human beings and for therapeutic approaches. This book contributed to my understanding of how, down to the very details of anatomy, physiology, pathology and psychosomatics, each human organ really is human, and really is a small human within the large human. When teaching from this perspective, one can have the experience, and often the feedback, that one is able to bring warmth and vibrant life to conventional medical teaching, especially if one is able to creatively meditate on the contents of Matthias Girke’s book (i.e. to think and feel the details in living relation to the whole). The book is also extremely well referenced for each topic, be it acute and chronic diseases, pain management, biographical issues and spirituality, how to care of the dying in dignified way, herbal, anthroposophic or conventional medicine." Prof. Dr. med. David Martin

“This is THE textbook of anthroposophic internal medicine, comprehensive and brilliant. Based on Dr. Girke’s articles and teaching, I think physicians will be very glad to have access to his body-life-soul-spirit-viewpoints on a great number of conditions and therapies.” Alicia Landman-Reiner